Gran Teocalli

Km. 21.5 carretera México-Pirámides, San Juan Teotihuacan.
594 956 3542
594 956 3267
55 4581 9823

A place worthy of gods.

The buffet is our specialty. With have a wide variety of main dishes, soups, salads and desserts from the Mexican and international cuisines.

In Gran Teocalli restaurant you’ll feel in Teotihuacan with its Pre-hispanic and modern style. Our garden is decorated with giant sculptures of Teotihuacan deities, such as Quetzalcoatl, Chalchihuitlicue and Tlaloc.

We have open places: a gallery ball with 32 paints that narrate the Teotihuacan history, in the terrace area we have a garden view with vegetation and child games; we also have a handicraft store with pieces from all states of Mexico.

Also, during dinner time, we have Mexican music played by a trio and a couple of indigenous dancers accompanied by rhythm music produced by percussion instruments (drum, flute and snail).

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