How can I get the receipt of my private tour?

When you book your tour, you will automatically receive your receipt by e-mail and you may see all the details of your reservation. Also reservation number, you may see more details. You also can find us by e-mail, chat and Whatsapp.

You haven’t received your e-mails

You will receive a confirmation e-mail in the next 15 minutes after your reservation. However, we suggest you add www.btuvi.travel to your secure contact list, so you can’t loose any of our communications. If you can’t find our e-mails, please check your spam carpet.

What must I do to confirm the information about the pick up in my hotel?

When you reserve in our website, click on the correspondent menu and select any of these options:
– Mark your hotel
– The meeting point that suits you (Mexico City if you want)
– I still don’t define my hotel. (In this case, when you reserve your hotel, send us an e-mail with your reservation number and inform us the name of the hotel you choose).

Do I have to confirm again the tour I am going to take?

No. We always have confirmed your activity if you have reserved with 24 hours of anticipation. In fact, we’ll be sending you reminders and recommendations by e-mail. However, there’s no problem if you contact us by chat, Whatsapp or e-mail to confirm again your tour.

What should I do to ask for a refund?

Although we do our best for all tours go well, sometimes things go wrong. If you want to ask for a refund, just send us an e-mail to hola@btuvi.travel from the same e-mail adress you used to make your reservation. Please, don’t forget indicate the reason of your request. The more detailed, the quicker you get your answer.

Important: You will receive our answer about your refund within 5 to 7 laboral days.

How can I cancel my reservation?

We know you can have unforeseen affairs or maybe you have changed your plans. In most cases, you can cancel your reservation with up to 24 hours before the start of the tour and receive your refund. However, we suggest you read the section “Terms and Conditions”. To cancel the reservation send us an e-mail to hola@btuvi.travel from the same e-mail adress you used to make your reservation, give us all the information that you consider important and your reservation number. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

How can I modificate my reservation?

Do you need to agregate another traveler, change the date or make other changes? No problem, in most cases, you may change your reservation up to five days before the start of the tour. We only recommend you read the section “Terms and Conditions” to ask for a change in your reservation. Send us an e-mail to hola@btuvi.travel from the same e-mail adress you used to make your reservation and inform us about the modifications you want. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and we’ll contact you by e-mail informing you about the next steps.

Important: Chat and Whatsapp messages are communication channels, but the legal form of soliciting modifications always will be from the e-mail adress you did your reservation.

Can I book an activity for another person?

Yes, there’s no problem. However, for security reasons and in order to avoid frauds, the credit card holder must send us by e-mail a scanned copy of his ID from his country of origin with photograph and signature (same as it appers in his credit card) and give us the name of the person who will receive the service in Mexico, also with his ID with photograph, name and signature to hola@btuvi.travel, shortly after we’ll contact you by e-mail.

Do I need travel insurance?

It’s not a requirement, but we recommend you, before your departure, hire a travel insurance to cover our tours and your stay in Mexico. For now, BTUVI don’t have travel insurance.

How do I know if there are private tours available?

The reservation can’t be definitive until you have introduced your credit card information and received a confirmation e-mail 15 minutes after your purchase. Anyway, the dates that appear as available in our calendar, indicate that the tour is open in that date. However, in the event that a supplier or an external attraction declares that they will not offer the service, we will notify you immediately and we will propose to change your tour for a better option or we will refund your money.

Do we offer child safety seats in our cars?

Yes. Don’t forget to include this petition in the camp of special requirements when you do your booking. The first seat have no cost. We suggest you inform us when you do your booking just for update the price.

I’m trying to book a tour and the price seems to be changing. Why?

The price of all private tours depends on the number of passengers, destination, choosen restaurant and even the aditional language to Spanish and English. All our prices are shown per tour after checking all variables. However, it could exist a price variaton due to the currency fluctuation in the international market.

Who must I contact to if I have last minute questions about the activities am I going to do?

Just write us by chat, Whatsapp or e-mail. It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.

How can I indicate that I have special needs?

Before booking your tour, tell us by chat, Whatsapp or e-mail about your special needs and we’ll confirm you if we can solve your request. Usually we can, but it’s important we confirm you.

If you have special needs for the tour, but you already did your reservation, please contact us immediatly. Usually we resolve, but we can’t warrant that we’ll solve all your special needs, but rest assure that we’ll do all to get it.

What type of ID do I need to take my tour?

In most cases, only the main passenger (who did the reservation with his credit card) will need an ID with photograph. For security reasons, the name in the ID must be identical with the one you used in booking your tour.

Important: For your tranquility, make sure the name of who did the reservation and the name on the credit card be the same with the name you used to book your tour.

Can I book an activity in a different currency?

No. You only can pay in US Dollars.

Important: If you do your booking in a different currency of your credit card, it’s possible that your bank make charges for currency conversion. Usually, the charges are made for each transaction, so before doing your reservation, check your bank politics.

If you require another option we can analyze it, please contact us.

Can I personalized a private tour, even to another Mexico’s places?

Yes, we can, but they would be special tours that we don’t offer in www.btuvi.travel Please send us an e-mail and tell us about your wishes. Surely we’ll offer you wonderful personalized alternatives.

Regrettably, all tours published in www.btuvi.travel are offered “as they are”. That is to say, we can’t change the routes. We can only personalize the tour dates, number of passengers, restaurant, departure time (when applies) and an additional language.

Can I book the activities in a physical establishment?

BTUVI only admits reservations through its own website. We don’t have physical offices to book a tour personally, but you can contact us by email, chat, WhatsApp or call if you wish.

Is my credit card protected?

The number and information of your credit card are encripted and are transmited through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) of our payment capture provider (Paypal). BTUVI don’t have access to the credit card number of our customers, only the owner’s name and will never store credit card information complying with all credit card and banks laws.

Do I need a visa or other documentation to take one of your private tours?

All passengers must have all updated ID and migration documentation needed in Mexico. It’s passangers responsability to assure with anticipation that they have a valid visa or permit. With that requirements you can take any of our tours without problems, (if you are a US or Canadian citizen you do not require a visa in Mexico)

How can I know if the tour or activity am I going to take is adapted for disabled people?

Before booking your tour, please write us and ask for information. Shortly after, we’ll provide you all related details.

Is the website available in other languages?

Right now, btuvi.travel is available only in English.

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