BTUVI private tours in Mexico


Exclusive private tours

BTUVI is a company focused in exclusive one day private tours to all major destinies in Mexico, usually in small groups from Mexico City, Cancun and Riviera Maya. We offer these tours in an easy navigate platform where you can book safely.

BTUVI platform offers destinations, tours, restaurants and unforgettable experiences information from beautiful and interesting places in Mexico. Our mission is giving our customers a wonderful private tour and an unforgettable day. We know that a tour must be a unique experience.

BTUVI is an authorized company by Mexican Government and is part of the National Tourism Register with authorization number 35090020002 to operate and offer transportation for visitors in any place in Mexico, from north to south and from east to west, even in private tours specially designed for a client.


Private guides in Mexico

BTUVI staff is enthusiastic, with high professional qualifications focused in explaining and showing places, culture and the most relevant features of Mexico, always noticing the most important in art, history, culture and anecdotes from the better places in Mexico.

BTUVI tour guides are certified and speak at least two languages: Spanish and English. Some others can communicate in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Arab.

Private guides, aside from their professional studies, have certified knowledge in tourist geography, gastronomy, history, Mexican archeology, ethnography, prehispanic art, popular art, colonial art, modern art, contemporary art and all the cultural offer from Mexico. They also have first aid preparation, but above all, they are enthusiastic and professional private guides for each one of our destinies. If you need a specialized guide in any matter, we have him or we can find him.

Private transportation with private driver in Mexico

BTUVI tourist vehicles and all transportation from our operators are in perfect conditions, they have all mechanic security guarantees, air conditioning and there have not more than sixyears of  service. BTUVI offers transportation in full size cars for two people tours, full size SUVs for three to five people tours, mini vans for six to 10 people tours and large vans for 11 to 15 people tours.

A big part of the BTUVI one day tours use to be of several hours long with great distances in highway, that’s why a tired tourist guide won’t be the driver back and forth. Always will be a qualified driver to take the vehicle with efficiency and security all the tour.

It’s important to mention that our alliances with operator partners are with professionals selected by BTUVI and certified by the Mexican Government: airplane and hot air balloon pilots, skydiving, delta wing and paragliding instructors, big and small boats captains, mariners, tourist guides specialized in sea, jungle and biosphere reserves, experienced tourist guides in swim with turtles, even with shark whales.


What to visit in Mexico City and interesting places?

First of all, Mexico City is enormous, one of the ten most big cities in the world with a lot to offer to its visitors. There are plenty of examples of interesting places: a colonial historic center, world heritage, with streets full of palaces, museums and even archaeological zones, a city with a castle on the top of a hill that give us beautiful urban landscapes with lakes and it’s inside a forest park bigger than the famous Central Park of New York City.

One of the better anthropology and history museums, list as one of the best of the world by its archaeological heritage. At south, this city has navigable channels, Venecia style, trajinera rides embellished with colorful flowers. The place: Xochimilco, worldwide known by its all year party ambient.

Mexico City has two colonial towns with special atmosphere and vibe, that were absorbed by urbanization: San Angel and Coyoacan. This last one was where famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo lived. Following the curiosity, in down town there is an avenue that can be compared with Champs Elysées in Paris, a bullring, big soccer stadiums, parks, squares, public places to listen music, such as Garibaldi and some of the better restaurants in the world… anyway, Mexico City is throbbing and its full of extraordinary places. You are warned or you have an idea what to visit in Mexico City.

What to visit in Mexico City, but a little further

In this warm and fresh weather zone, there are a great cultural offer and a lot of attractions, interesting places such as Teotihuacan pyramids, the great Cholula pyramid with its tunnels and its church on the top, the colonial city of Puebla with its beautiful cathedral, the Rosario chapel (considered the eight world wonder) and the oriel of Guadalupe and Loreto forts, famous for the May 5th battle. Taxco, with its famous Santa Prisca parish, who has a wonderful façade, a town where you must buy a silver craft. The beautiful colonial city of Queretaro, with an exquisite architecture of colonial palaces next to its magnificent aqueduct. Valle de Bravo village, with a big offering in adventure tourism. Chautla estate, with its magnificent English style buildings in a Mexican world. The historic center of Tlaxcala and its bullfighting ambient where you can visit the bullring. Hidalgo state, the magic town of Mineral del Monte, Huasca and its tourist mines, the basaltic prisms and even an enormous canyon called Peña del Aire… and there is a lot to visit.

What to visit in Cancun and Riviera Maya and interesting places

This hot zone of Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo offers a great moment of relax in its beaches, but also culture and natural attractions, unique in the world. For instance, Chichen Itza and its magnificent pyramid of Kukulcan, who is considered one of the seven wonders of modern world; the archaeological zones of Tulum, Coba and Muyil, each one in its own environment, in front of the Caribbean, in the middle of the jungle and next to turquoise lakes in national parks y biosphere reserves in where you can navigate; a beautiful island: Holbox, in which sea you can appreciate and almost touch the whale shark; and don’t forget other four famous islands: Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Isla Blanca and Isla Contoy, everyone with thousands of attractions and a close up with nature. Don’t leave Yucatan peninsula without swimming inside a cenote, one of the hundreds, maybe thousands, that there are. Remember to navigate on the lagoons, be aware with your camera for the photograph safaris in the natural reserves and let you impress by all the sea fauna in the Mexican Caribbean reefs. Enter BTUVI and get more ideas to visit in Cancun and Riviera Maya.


What to do in Mexico City and interesting activities

The list is huge, but is remarkable to visit the archaeological zones, colonial cities and adventure places close to Mexico City, and of course, enjoy what it is inside Mexico City: museums and more museums: art, archaeology, history, popular arts, enclosures for music, such as the Fine Arts Palace and the National Auditorium, buildings like the Chapultepec Castle, a walk in the Historic Center or Reforma avenue, a gastro tour to delight the street or gourmet food. Enjoy a delicious quesadilla, tacos or nogada chili in some of the best restaurants in the world. And if you can, visit the most famous neighborhoods of Mexico City, such as Historic Center, Polanco, Roma Condesa, Zona Rosa, Coyoacan and San Angel.

Either with an esquite, a pink cotton candy, some chicharron quesadillas or an octopus ceviche, you must delight Mexican gastronomy. And don’t forget the party for your eyes. There are a lot to see and to do. Mexico City has a lot to show you, so much that is probable you can’t see some things that are calling you.


What to do in Cancun and Riviera Maya and interesting activities

In a place that is beautiful and people say that if this is not paradise, this is the way to arrive, there are a lot to do: visit archaeological zones from prehispanic civilizations, swim with shark whales and turtles, watch the sea fauna on the great coral barrier, jump and swim in open and close cenotes, walk through the jungle and take pictures of flowers and little monkeys, fish and organize parties on the sea and lagoons. Also, remember to let go by calm tides in the crystal Mayan channels of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.

You can’t leave these lands without tasting a salbute or a Dutch cheese marquesita, and for sure, walk through the beautiful and magic colonial towns, such as Izamal and Valladolid, unforgettable archaeological zones such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and Muyil, among others, that also have their own charm. And please, don’t forget your hat, sunblock and camera, and also bring to these lands your biggest smile, because native people are so kind and also smiling.

After this reading, it only remains to take a plane and book your private tour in BTUVI, with private guide, in a private vehicle and enjoy Mexico. Now you know what to do and the interesting activities in Mexico City, Cancun and Riviera Maya.

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