Casa de los Magueyes La Tia Yola

Plaza Xicohtencatl 7-1, Centro, Tlaxcala.
246 462 7309

Located in the most ancient part of a beautiful building, that is a construction from the beginning of XIX century. In the diner room there is facade carved in gray stone with a Latin inscription. This was the corridor to pass to the San Francisco cloister vegetable plots in XVI century.

In our restaurant you can delight the real traditional food from Tlaxcala. You can start with beans or broad beans tlacoyos, curd or pumpkin flower quesadillas with green or red spicy sauce, broad beans with nopales broth or Tizatlan pipian, made with roasted pumpkin nuggets. You can’t miss the ram barbecue, traditional mole and handmade tortillas.

And in season, when the first rain falls, exquisite fried maguey worms, escamoles and chinicuiles with tree chili. All accompanied with an exquisite natural fruits and seeds pulque. Definitely delicious.

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