BTUVI is an online service that allows users to search and find travel experiences in Mexico. BTUVI offers a wide variety of tours, tickets, and services, which are available through the BTUVI website, as well as its mobile site and related apps (on the whole, this “website”). The purpose of this website is to help its clients to obtain information about private tours in Mexico, as well as to search and book experiences and services in Mexico.

The terms are shown on this page with the words “we”, “us”, “our”, “ours” and “BTUVI”, all refer to BTUVI, a branded owned by Cleyber Can, physical personal with business activities in Mexico City, Mexico.

The term “you” refers to the client, who visit and /or contribute content to this website.

This website and the products and services available in it, are offered conditioned to its acceptance without any modification of none of the terms, conditions, and advises, here detailed (on the whole, the “agreement”).

When you access or use this website in any form, you accept the agreement and declare that you have read and understood all its terms.

It’s important you read the agreement carefully, and in consequence, be informed about your legal rights and the limitations of these rights, as well as analyze the section about the applicable law and the jurisdiction of disputes.

If you don’t accept these terms and conditions, don’t use this website neither pay for a product or service here offered. In all booking agreements, the terms and conditions will be taken as accepted by who did the reservation and his companions.

This agreement may have modifications in the future and you understand and accept that the continued use and access of this website after any modification, means that you accept the updated or modified agreement. We will take note of the date when the last modifications were done in the bottom part of this page, and any revision will be valid just in time of its post. We will always publish in this section the date of modification and actualization of this document.

It is of utmost importance that you have in mind the following terms:

Website use

Privacy Policy

Prohibited activities

User accounts

Electronic communications


Purchase and reservation of services and products

Modifications and amendments

Prices and inclusions/exclusions

Payments and cancellations

Payment process

Prive tourist guides

Passports, visas, and insurance

Our responsibility

Your responsibility

Links to third-party websites

Software available on this website

Copyright and trademark notices

Applicable jurisdiction and legislation

Currency converter

General provisions

Help center

As a condition for the use of this website, you guarantee that (1) all information you put on this website is true, updated, complete and precise, (2) if you have a BTUVI account, you will safeguard your information account and will be totally responsible of the use from other persons and (3) you are 18 years old or older to register an account and to contribute in our website. Knowingly, BTUVI doesn’t collect information from people under 18 years old.

The use of this website is for persons, not for companies. You accept not use this website for speculative, false, or fraudulent requests. Also, you declare and guarantee that you have not been suspended by BTUVI or have had prohibited the use of the www.btuvi.travel website. You will not have more than one account, besides that, you have plenty of power and authority to celebrate this agreement, and when you do it, you will not infringe any other agreement you be part of.

We reserve the right, to our exclusive criteria, to deny the access of whoever person to this website and the services we offer, anytime and for whatever reason, including, among others, the violation of this agreement.

When you access or use this website, you may be exposed to offensive, indecent, inaccurate, questionable, or inappropriate content. BTUVI doesn’t support, for no reason, this kind of content and can’t respond for its accuracy. Thus, you access and use our website under your own risk.


BTUVI believes in your privacy protection, check our current Privacy Policy. This policy also rules the use of this website to understand our practices.

In certain circumstances, we can divulge your information to third parties if we determine that is necessary to protect the systems, assets, employees, members, and customers of BTUVI, to guarantee the integrity, the functioning of our business and systems; or to comply with legitimate and enforceable legal or judicial solicitations from the authorities.

The information we might share in our name is among other stuff, the information of the user profile (name, e-mail address, etc.), IP direction, traffic information and our servers use, use record and published content.


The content and information of this website (included, among others, messages, data, information, text, music, sound, photos, graphics, videos, maps, icons, software, codes or another materials), as well as the infrastructure used to provide the said content and information, is our property. You accept not modificate, copy, distribute, transfer, sell or resell any information, content, software, products, or services obtained in this website. Any other use of the content of BTUVI requires previous written permission from BTUVI.

Similarly, you are responsible for not helping others to use this website or its content for any commercial or illegal purpose:

1.- You will not access, monitor or copy any content or information of this website using any kind of robot; spider, scraper or any other automated resources or any manual process to access, index, recover or use our website or any content contained for any purpose without our clear and written permission.

2.- You will not incorporate any part of our website to any other website without our previous written authorization.

3.- You will not try to modify, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble or do inverse engineering in any software program used by BTUVI related to our website.

4.- You will not use our website to threat, watch, defraud, incite and/or harass other person or to interfere in the way other people use our website.

5.- You will not use our website to send or transmit spam, chain letters, contests, pyramidal schemes, surveys, or another massive messages.

6.- You will not use our website to promote fanaticism or discrimination against protected strata or to violate any third party right, including any trust violation, copyrights, trademark, patent, commercial secrecy, moral rights, privacy right, advertising right or any other intellectual property or right property.

7.- You will not use our website to send or broadcast pornography or illegal content, use the site to ask for minors personal information, to damage or threat them.

8.- You will not try to obtain unauthorized access to our website, user accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to the website through computing piracy, password extraction, or any other form.

9.- You will not use our website to spread virus, bugs, defects, troyans or other destructive kind computing elements.

10.- You will not use any gadget, software, or routine that interfere with the correct functioning of our website or try to interfere with the suitable functioning of our website.

11.- You will not use our website to violate the security of any computing network, crack passwords, or security encryption codes.

12.- You will not interrupt or interfere with the security or will try to damage our website.

13.- You will not eliminate, avoid, disable, damage or interfere with the functions of our website related to security, those which prevent or restrict the use or copy of the content of the website or those which impose limitations on the website use.


You must create an account y provide information about yourself to speed up some functions of the website. You are responsible for maintain the confidentiality of your user’s password and your login user. Also, you are responsible of all the activities related to your account. Similarly, you accept to notify us immediately of any no authorized use of your account.

Your account is for personal use only. You can’t use other’s people identity or creating a false account. This implies to adopt any other person’s identity that you are not, to provide a different e-mail address to yours or to create several accounts.

We reserve anytime the right to cancel your account for any reason. We can cancel or block your account or your capacity to use our website, totally or in parts, at our sole discretion for any reason, without previous advice neither responsibility of any kind. For example, we can cancel or block your account or the capacity to use the website if you misuse the website. Any termination or suspension could prevent you to access to your account, the website, its content or any other related information.

You can cancel your account anytime. However, ti’s important to mention that if you cancel your account we can continue showing your content published in the past and we don’t have any obligation to eliminate your comments.

On the other hand, it’s important to emphasize that, as a user of this website, you understand and accept that btuvi neither its affiliates will have any responsibility with you or others for any no authorized transaction done with your password or account.


When you use the BTUVI website or send us e-mails, text messages and other communications from your computer or mobile device, you are communicating with us electronically and accept that we can communicate with you in different ways, like e-mail, text message, chat, insertion notices on the app or publishing ads and messages on the website. You can remove yourself from our e-mail communications anytime sending an e-mail to hola@btuvi.travel.


You and other users of our website can contribute to the website in different ways, including sending e-mails, posting comments, and qualification.

We can use your content in several ways, including, show it on the website, reformat, translate, edit for clarity and grammar, incorporate it in ads and other works in our website, mobile properties, apps and media platforms.

You must have in mind that you give BTUVI and its affiliates a worldwide right over your content contributions, non exclusive, without royalties, without intellectual or creative patents. BTUVI has the permanent right, transferable and irrevocable to use, play, modificate, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivate works and show publicly the said content in the whole world in any media currently known or to be known, for any purpose and use the name who you sent related to this content.

You recognize that BTUVI can opt to provide the attribution of your comments or revisions at our discretion. Also, you grant BTUVI the right to prosecute any person or entity who violate your rights or BTUVI’s on the content for the breach of this agreement. You recognize and accept that the content is not confidential and you are not the owner. If it’s decided that you maintain the moral rights (including the attribution or integrity rights) of the content, herewith you declare that (a) you don’t require any personal ID information used regarding the content or any work derivated from updates; (b) you don’t have any objection to the content publication, use, modification, elimination and exploitation made by BTUVI or its licensees, successors and assignees; (c) you always give up and accept not to claim or make valid any and all moral copyrights in any of its contents; and (d) you accept to forever free BTUVI and its licensees, successors and assignees from any claim that you could make valid against BTUVI in virtue of this moral rights.

BTUVI and its affiliates can show ads and any other adjacent information or included in its content on the website. You don’t have the right to any compensation for the said ads. The way, mood and scope of the said advertising are subject to change without notice.


When you do a reservation for a product or a service through the website www.btuvi.travel you accept the described practices in our privacy policy. Also, you guarantee that you are 18 years or older, you have the legal authority to celebrate this agreement, use this website, reserve the product and all your information is true and precise. Also, you accept that you will use the reservation functionality of this website only to do legitimate reservations for you or for another person for which you are rightfully authorized to act for.

It’s prohibited in any form to do a false or fraudulent reservation. Any user who tries this kind of reservation can lose his BTUVI account.

If you reserve a private tour or an experience through our website, you accept to review and to be subject to the terms and conditions of our products and services providers and their politics and rules related with their travel experiences. Your interactions with our providers are under your own risk. BTUVI will not have any responsibility respect to to the acts. omissions, mistakes, representations, guarantees, defaults or negligences of our providers or in case of personal injuries, death, property damages or other damages or expenses that result from your interaction with our services and products providers.


All modification and amendment to your reservation requests must be notified to the customer service BTUVI team to the e-mail address hola@btuvi.travel from the e-mail address you used to do your reservation and we will process your request. You have to know that the chat and Whatsapp messages are non formal communication media. Formal communication always will be through the e-mail hola@btuvi.travel, It’s important you check the section “payments and cancellations” to obtain additional information about the cancellation, modifications or amendments to your reservation.

BTUVI doesn’t charge a fee for modifying or changing the date of an existing reservation, as long as the request be received by our customer service team three days before the start of your tour. The time must be Mexico City’s.

It’s not possible to change or modify a special event, like a balloon flight, lights and sounds shows, temazcal, spa, lucha libre tickets, skydiving, hang gliding, paragliding, sailboat, yachts, theater or any ticket to shows. The sale of these tickets are non refundables and can’t be modified once the purchase is confirmed.

BTUVI can’t guarantee the success of any date change request.

If you request a date change within 48 hours previous days to your tour (Mexico City time), BTUVI will try to comply your request. These changes could be subject to an additional rate, however, changes made 48 hours or less before the original travel date may be subject to an additional rate. For the multiple days tours, that include hotel nights, the confirmed dates changes also may be subject to additional tariffs.

If you make a reservation or a purchase using a promotional code, BTUVI can invalidate your discount or offer price if you request change or amendments in your itinerary. If you are not satisfied with the alternatives offered to you, you have the right to receive a refund, minus your credit card and payment intermediary commissions, if that was the case.

However the foregoing, when our providers inform us in advance about a significative change in a reservation, visit, product or event, we do our best to notify our customers and modify or emit the reservation as long as be possible. In such cases, if you are not satisfied with the offered alternatives, you deserve your refund, minus your credit card and payment intermediary commissions, if that was the case.

If you have a personal or business activity or another trip the day of your tour, you must notify us to the e-mail address hola@btuvi.travel at what time do you need to return to the starting point. BTUVI will do its best so that you can return in time, however, BTUVI is not responsible for possible incidents beyond our reach, authority orders, rain, flooding, snowfall, emergency road block, closed roads, heavy traffic or any other situation out of our possibilities.


The published prices in our website are for each private tour from 2 to 15 persons or passengers, unless otherwise specified. Prices are based on the local rate at the time of the quotation, converted to the current exchange rate as determined by BTUVI.

The price quotes are subject to changes without previous notice, until the reservation has been confirmed, unless otherwise specified.

Prices don’t include tips, personal articles, luggage, photo and video equipment loss, insurance, personal insurance of any kind or the payment of fines for incurring infringements to the Mexican laws. In the specific case of restaurants (if are contemplated in your tour or reservation) the only food and drinks included are the specified in the menu of the selected restaurant.


When making a reservation through our website, BTUVI collects your payment information and process it as described in the section “payment processing”. BTUVI accepts the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. There is no charge for the credit or debit card payment processing. For making a reservation the complete payment with a credit or debit card is required. The payment will appear as “BTUVI” in the credit or debit card abstract.

There is no refund available once the tour or service reserved has started. Similarly applies to food, accommodations or any other hired service.

If after 30 minutes of waiting you do not arrive at the meeting point or the reception of the hotel that you inform us as the place of pick up, the tour will be canceled automatically.

Please, keep in mind that the BTUVI certified or gift coupons can be confiscated (and immediately cancelled, with no refund) if your signature and/or name don’t coincide with those on your credit or debit card or ID.

For security reasons, you always must show us an ID and let us take it a picture, at the same time you have to sign the startup format before start your travel.

You must cancel only and exclusively in writing from the e-mail you provided us at the moment you made your reservation. Write us to the e-mail www.btuvi.travel and the cancellation politics, terms and conditions of this document will take effect for any refund.

If according to these terms and conditions, your cancellation proceeds, we will notify you via e-mail the total amount of the refund you will receive.

The standard cancellation politic will be applied under the following conditions:

1.- A 100% refund for cancellations done least 24 hours before the start of the tour (Mexico City time). You will receive your refund to your credit card, minus – if that was the case – your bank and payments intermediaries commissions who did the charge transaction to your card and transfer to our account.

  1. The cancellations done within 24 hours before (Mexico City time) the start of the tour or any contracted service to BTUVI will not receive any refund.

The transaction value can be subject to taxes, tariffs, foreign transactions, currency exchange or other charges. Your bank or your credit card company can convert the payment to the local currency and make charges. What results in difference between the amount shown in www.btuvi.travel and the final amount charged to your bank account, please in case of doubt, call your bank or card company and ask about any currency exchange or applicable rate. Keep in mind that some countries have financial operations abroad, and these taxes are not included in the reservation final value and will be charged to the credit or debit card used to do the reservation.


The processing payments service for the acquired products in this website is provided by BTUVI. In case you pay with a credit or debit card, the payment is processed through companies or online payments receptor banks that for this service they charge a commission for later deposit to the BTUVI bank account or the legally authorized person, called ‘physical person or physical person with business activity’ in Mexico. For any kind of payment with credit card, these terms are an agreement between you, the physical person with business activity and BTUVI.

The reservation and coordination services will be delivered by BTUVI. The service providers, contracted products and tourist guides will be responsible of the quality and excellence of their own services and products. BTUVI, in exceptional cases, can charge for its services outside the platform via direct payment to our bank account. However, all BTUVI services in these exceptional cases are subject to the same terms and conditions.


When doing reservations in this website, you are responsible for complying with all the requirements to enter to Mexico. All your travel documents, including passports and visas, must be in order. To check the requirements to obtain your passport and visa, please consult the Mexican embassy or consulate in your country, because it’s possible that the requirements change in any moment. Make sure to verify the updated information before the reservation and departure.

BTUVI does not assume any responsibility for the travelers whose entrance to Mexico is denied, because the traveler does not carry the documents required by the airline, authority or country.

Because visa and health requirements are subject to changes without notice, we recommend you to verify them in the Mexican consulate or embassy in your country before your departure. Also is your responsibility to consult a doctor to know the current recommendations about vaccines before travel to Mexico and make sure to comply with all the health requirements and follow all medical indications related with your travel.

We strongly recommend to acquire an insurance medical policy for your trip to Mexico before the departure from your country. Your medical insurance policy can reimburse the cost of generated expenses for some health emergency. Please read carefully your medical travel insurance policy.

Even though, almost every travel ends without incidents, the tours to certain destinies may involve higher risks than others. BTUVI exhorts passengers to research and check all travel bans, warnings and advises issued by your country’s and Mexican government before booking some travel to an international destiny.

btuvi does not guarantee that the private tour to the said points be recommendable or without risks and is not responsible for damages or losses.

please read this section carefully. this section limits the responsibility of btuvi with you for every problem that may occur related with the use of this website. if you don’t understand the terms of this section, consult an attorney to clarify them before enter or use this website.

the information, content, software, products and services published in this website may include inaccuracies or mistakes, including reservations availability and prices.

btuvi and its services and products providers don’t guarantee the information accuracy and provision of this website (including price, availability, photographs, characteristics, inclusions, exclusions, general products descriptions, revisions and ratings). additionally, btuvi expressly reserves the right to correct any availability and wrong prices in our website and/or in pending reservations made at an incorrect price.

btuvi is not responsible for acts, mistakes, omissions, breaches, negligence, bad behavior of private guides or providers or problems that may happen in the use or service of a product.

btuvi has no responsibility and will not give refunds in case of causes beyond its direct, social or natural control, and don’t have responsibility por any governmental, state or authority act or decision.

You agree to indemnify BTUVI and all its officials, directors and employees against any claim, cause of action, demands, judgments, investigations, losses, damages, fines, sanctions, fees, expenses, costs and any other passive or debt of any kind or nature, among them, legal and accountant fees, derivatives of the breach of this agreement or the mentioned documents, for the violation of any law, rule and regulation or for the embezzlement of a third party rights, negligence or bad behavior in Mexico.


This website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. Those links are provided only for your reference. We don’t control those websites and we are not responsibles for their content, privacy and their practices. Also, it depends on you to take care that the selected links and software you download are free from viruses, bugs, trojans, defects and other elements from a destructive system. Our hyperlink inclusion of these websites does not imply any endorsement of the material of the mentioned websites neither any association with their operators.


Unless it is specified the opposite, our website is available only to provide information and book private tours in Mexico. The website is controlled and operated by BTUVI from its offices in Mexico.

BTUVI doesn’t declare that the materials shown in our website are appropriate or be properly available for their use outside Mexico. Those who decide to enter to the website from outside Mexico do it by their own initiative and are responsible of complying with the local laws, to the extent that local laws are applicable.

The website, its software and contents is a protected work by the copyright of BTUVI and is protected by the copyright laws and the international treaties dispositions. We grant you, the user, a limited, personal and untransferable license to use the software to see and use this website in accordance with these terms and conditions.

All the contents of this website are a trade mark. ©2022 BTUVI. All rights reserved.


This website is operated by an entity in Mexico and this agreement is ruled by the Mexican laws. Hereby, you accept the jurisdiction and the exclusive place of the courts in Mexico City and stipulate the impartiality and convenience of the procedures in those courts for all disputes that could occur or be related with the use of this website.

You accept that all claims that you could have against BTUVI, must be listened and resolved in a competent jurisdiction court located in Mexico City. The use of this website is not authorized in any jurisdiction that don’t make valid all the dispositions of these terms and conditions.


A currency converter is provided in the website and other applications of BTUVI, even though the exchange rates are based in several sources publicly availables and must be used only as guidelines. Tariffs are not verified as precise, and real tariffs can vary. Currency quotes can’t be updated daily.

The provided information by this application is considered precise, but BTUVI and/or its affiliates and providers don’t guarantee this precision. The currency converter information is only to calculate the price of your reservation. If you have questions about the currency exchange rates, we recommend you to consult a qualified professional to verify the accuracy of the currency converter.


You accept that there is not a joint venture, agency or society between you and BTUVI, as a result of this agreement or for the use of this website.

The fulfillment of this agreement is subject the current and valid laws and legal processes and nothing contained in this agreement limit our right to comply with the law or other requests or governmental requirements application.

To the extent allowed by the Mexican applicable laws, you accept that you will present any reclamation or cause of action that comes from accessing or using this website or it’s related with it within two years later to the date of this claim was given or this claim will be revoked.

If any part of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable according to the applicable law, it will be considered replaced by a valid and enforceable disposition that match more tightly with the intention of the original disposition. The remaining agreement dispositions will continue being valid.

In this statement and in any other term and condition mentioned in this document constitutes the whole agreement between you and BTUVI related to this website and replaces all the previous and current communications and proposals, whether they are electronic, oral or written, between the client and BTUVI related to this website.

A printed version of this agreement and any other electronic advice will be permitted in the judicial and administrative procedures based in this agreement, subject to the same conditions than the other documents and commercial registries originally generated and kept in printed forms.

All not expressly granted rights in this document are reserved. These terms and conditions can be modified in any moment and without previous notice. For any individual contract will be applied the same valid conditions.

These terms and general conditions represent the whole agreement between BTUVI and the user and does not exist an additional agreement.

April 2022 (updated)

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