(TE39) Tulum & Coba, and cenotes of Multum Ha, Choo Ha or Tankach Ha

Tour and private guide

10 to 12 hours

All entrances

Private transportation

Pick up and drop off hotel

Tour brief description

Tour for two to 15 persons from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Riviera Maya.

The tour starts in the archaeological Mayan zone of Tulum, a beautiful place in the Caribbean seashore, where you can appreciate old buildings from 1,500 years ago, mainly the ones dedicated to Mayan deities. A travel to past that won’t disappoint you.

Next stop is a very beautiful archaeological zone closer to several lakes. In this antique Mayan city of Cobá we’ll see the highest temple of Yucatán peninsula, known as Nohoch Mul, the one you can still climb until the top to have an extraordinary view of the archaeological zone, the jungle and the lakes.

We end in one of the two cenotes complex of Cobá: Multum Ha or Choo Ha and Tankach Ha, each one with some differences that make them unique. You can swim, dive into the water and admire yourself with this unique nature wonders, low depth cenotes, some of them with big vaults, others with stalactites and stalacmites, but all spectacular.

In every moment our certified guide we’ll explain you the stories of the place, the curious details, the development and the importance of every site.


The unit price decreases according to the size of the group.

Departure Time

7:30 a.m.

  • Pick up and drop off in your hotel.
  • Entrance to archaeological zone of Tulum.
  • Pedicab service in Cobá.
  • Entrance to Multum Ha, Choo Ha or Tankach Ha cenotes.
  • Driver.
  • Private guide.
  • Private transportation.
  • Box lunch.
  • Bottled water and snacks in transportation.
  • Souvenir.
  • Face mask and sanitizing gel.
No Included
  • Tips.
  • Lifejacket rent (obligatory).
  • Lockers rent.
  • Video and photography permission in museums, archaeological zones and attractions.

Spanish, English.

Additional information
  • Before the tour start you must show your ID to the guide.
  • Use tennis or comfortable shoes.
  • Use flip flops in aquatic activities.
  • You must bring swimwear and towel.
  • You must bring a change of dry clothes.
  • Use sunglasses.
  • Use sun block and hat.
  • You must have the physical condition to walk up to 180 minutes. (with breaks).
  • Spanish and English languages don’t have an extra cost.
  • In this tour you’ll have to choose between one of the two cenotes travels: A or B and tell the guide your selection the day of your tour.
  • We don’t do surprise stops in any store to force you to buy handicrafts.
  • We strictly respect the itinerary.
  • We don’t sell you anything aboard or in the tour.
  • Confirmation will be received by email at the time of booking.
  • Infants under 2 years of age are free of charge, but must travel in the arms or on the legs of their parents. (please inform us in the notes).
  • Babies (over two years old) and young children must have their own seats.
  • A infant car seat available per tour, (please request it).
  • The unit price decreases according to the size of the group.

(TE39) Tulum & Coba, and cenotes of Multum Ha, Choo Ha or Tankach Ha


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Tulum archaeological zone

We’ll visit the most famous Mayan city of the Caribbean, that means ‘wall’ and delimits the city by north, south and west. On east there is the Caribbean, from where the first Europeans were impressed to see the city while navigating in this turquoise color waters.

We’ll cross the wall to the archaeological zone, and from the entrance, we’ll see this beautiful city built over a cliff in where stand out the main avenues, palaces, temples and mainly, the castle, that is the biggest edifice just before an exit to the Caribbean.

We’ll know the importance of this city as a marine and land trade city. We’ll tell you about the importance and secrets of this civilization, while you delight with its wonderful sea views and colors.

Archaeological zone of Cobá

50 minutes far from Tulum, we’ll visit the city of Cobá, that means “place with stirred water”. This was the biggest prehispanic city of Yucatán peninsula that in some time concentrated the economic and political power in Mayan world.

In this Mayan settlement you can watch from the bottom the Nohoch Mul pyramid, that is surrounded by beautiful lakes and a big jungle. You can know the ball game, the fresh temple and several stelae, among them the stelae one, that has an engraving of Mayan calendar of the end of times: December 21st, 2012, date that was misinterpreted and served Hollywood writers to create catastrophic stories.

Our guide will tell us historic facts, stories and fabulous anecdotes of Mayan civilization that only visiting this beautiful place will touch our heart and reason.

In this tour you have to chose one of the following cenotes: A) Multum Ha  or B) Choo Ha and Tankach Ha cenotes

Information about Cobá cenotes

15 minutes far from archaeological zone of Cobá, there is an incredible group of three fresh and beautiful cenotes, that are geological wonder, known as the Tankach Ha cenotes, all with crystalline waters, little fishes and various forms and depths, that make special to swim and dive. You can visit Multum Ha or Choo Ha and Tankach Ha, each one very close to the others.

A) Multum Ha cenote travel

Multum Ha cenote, in Mayan means “stone hill in the water”, because at the bottom of this cenote you can see through the water a lot of stones that seem like a little Mayan ruin or a little hill in depth. This cenote is close and has artificial illumination to see its magnificent cavern dome. It has a little platform to dive.

The tour ends taking you back to your hotel.

B)Choo Ha and Tankach Ha cenotes travel

Choo Ha cenote, in Mayan means “dripping water”, because the stalactites are constantly filtering and dripping. Is full of stalactites and stalactimes, low depth, perfect for all family members and full of little fishes.

Tankach Ha cenote, in Mayan means “deep water”. It has zones from 4 to 35 meters deep. It’s a close type cenote with 5 and 10 meters platforms, perfect to jump. However, you can go downstairs to a sea level platform and swim in this spectacular site.

The tour ends taking you back to your hotel.

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