(TE29) Mineral del Monte & Huasca

Tour and private guide

10 to 11 hours

All entrances

Private transportation

Pick up and drop off hotel

Tour brief description

Tour for 2 up to 15 people from Mexico City.

A travel through the Mexican state of Hidalgo that you won’t regret. We’ll visit Mineral del Monte, a mountainous town surrounded by forests and has a mining atmosphere from XIX century. There we’ll taste the famous pastes and will visit an old mine.

We’ll continue to the Peña del Aire oriel and will enjoy a travel in zipline. Later we’ll meet the basaltic prisms, a geological wonder. Our travel will continue in two famous estates from XVIII century: Santa María Regla and San Miguel Regla, where we’ll watch colonial architecture and will listen anecdotes and legends. Our ride will end in Huasca, a simple and colorful town that is the center of this region.

The unit price decreases according to the size of the group.

Departure Time

8:00 a.m.

  • Pick up and drop off in hotel.
  • Visit to Mineral del Monte.
  • Snacks in Billares del Casino restaurant (two pastes and one drink).
  • Entrance to Sitio Mina de Acosta museum.
  • Entrance to Peña del Aire park.
  • Zipline en Peña del Aire.
  • Entrance to Basaltic Prisms park.
  • Entrance to Santa María Regla estate.
  • Entrance to San Miguel Regla estate.
  • Visita to Huasca de Ocampo.
  • Driver.
  • Private guide.
  • Private transportation.
  • Bottled water and snacks inside transportation.
  • Souvenir.
  • Facemask and sanitizing gel.
No Included
  • Tips.
  • Extra food or drinks in Billares del Casino restaurant.
  • Video and photography permits in museums, archaeological sites and attractions.

Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Additional information
  • It is essential to present ID to the guide before starting the tour.
  • Tennis or comfortable shoes recommended.
  • Sunglasses recommended.
  • Sun block and hat recommended.
  • Your physical condition must let you walk from 120 to 180 minutes. (with breaks).
  • English and Spanish explanations don’t have an extra cost.
  • We don’t do surprise stops in any store to force you to buy handicrafts.
  • We strictly respect the itinerary.
  • We don’t sell you anything aboard or in the tour.
  • Confirmation will be received by email at the time of booking.
  • Infants under 2 years of age are free of charge, but must travel in the arms or on the legs of their parents. (please inform us in the notes).
  • Babies (over two years old) and young children must have their own seats.
  • A infant car seat available per tour, (please request it).
  • The unit price decreases according to the size of the group.

(TE29) Mineral del Monte & Huasca


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Mineral del Monte

We’ll start our trip in this beautiful and colorful miner town in the state of Hidalgo, that in the New Spain era was also known as Real del Monte. In the middle of XIX century received a lot of English cultural heritage. We’ll see bricked streets and old houses, we’ll walk through the main square, that has a kiosk, a fountain decorated with muses, the sculpture of Leda from Sparta and four turtles. Next, we’ll find the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción parrish.

And of course, you can’t miss to taste the pastes, a baked pie with a butter intense flavor and delicious crust. The origin of paste comes from the English corny pasties, but with Mexican ingredients. In Billares del Casino restaurant you will taste them.

Mina de Acosta Museum

After putting a helmet and seem like real miners, we’ll start the walk. We’ll visit the interior of an abandoned silver mine, that comes from the beginning of XVIII century. We’ll walk in a straight line inside a 400 meters tunnel until we descend 120 meters deep. We’ll see wall size strokes, forks and illustrations, in which are explained the processes, miner aspects, stories and funny and sad. Anecdotes.

Definitely, a route to understand the soul of Mineral del Monte.

Peña del Aire

Located in the biosphere reserve Barranca de Meztitlán, in a flora and fauna semi desert zone, there is a natural oriel at 2,600 meters high over sea level. The view is incredible due to the Hidalgo canyons, a zone where between ravines and high hills abound colorful flowers and cactus.

In front of this and in the forefront, we can watch a great stone balanced over a boulder. From some points this stone seems to float up, and precisely there, we’ll live the experience of “flying” over the Sab Sebastián ravine. We’ll do it in a zipline 400 meters length. A whole experience that will make your heart throb faster.

Basaltic Prisms

In the walls of the Santa María ravine we’ll see an extraordinary landscape, a geological whim from the Pleistocene era: magnificent rocky formations that are geometric and hexagonal basalt columns of up to 40 meters high, which some of them, are covered in part by four little waterfalls.

From a chain bridge and balconies you can take pictures. However, if you go down the stairs you can see the prisms closer, even touch them. They are considered a nature wonder from Mexico. They are worldwide known: in the London British Art Museum there are drawings from them that come from 1803 and were made by the famous explorer Alexander Von Humboldt.

Santa María Regla estate

A beautiful estate where silver was processed, with its own cascade, located at the birth of a great ravine. Is a construction from the beginning of the second half of XVIII century, with a chapel with a façade in baroque style, gardens, duck pond, aqueducts, dungeon, labyrinths, smelters and secret tunnels.

In the landscapes and the whole estate, but mainly in the tunnels and dungeon, there exist a lot on myths, anecdotes and stories to listen.

San Miguel Regla estate

Is another silver processer old estate from XVIII century, one of the most famous in Mexico because its great output. It has very cute green external areas, two artificial lakes, internal aqueducts, places to process minerals with arcades and ovens, and a chapel with a conic top tower.

Because of the miner vocation of this region, in this site with big stone wall, there were processed and separated big quantities of gold. It’s said that in this zone was generated up to 40% of the world silver production of the second half of XVIII century.

Huasca town

Is the most important and colorful village of this region, with bricked streets, white quarry and red gable roof houses for the heavy rain in the forest. In the historic center, we’ll visit the church of St. John Baptiste, whose construction ended in 1780. In its yard we’ll watch cross carved in stone by indigenous hands. Also, we’ll see in the temple façade a relief dedicated to San Miguel archangel. Inside there are altars from XVIII century, oils from Spain and altarpieces with old paints that allude to the life of Jesus and the saints.

We’ll end the travel, going back to your hotel.

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