(TE23) Historic Center and Lucha Libre

Tour and private guide

Meals included

9 to 10 hours

All entrances

Private transportation

Pick up and drop off hotel

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Tour for 2 up to 15 people from Mexico City.

Travel along the Historic Center of Mexico City, the biggest and most emblematic in Latin America, is one of the most important touristic centers in the world and the main destiny of cultural tourism in Mexico, Here are concentrated some of the most appreciated cultural treasures of the nation, authentic architectural jewels. Also, it has the distinction to be declared as human cultural heritage by the UNESCO in 1987.

Visit the most important symbol of the city: the Angel of Independence. Watch the city from the top of the most famous building in the center, walk in its colonial streets, visit churches, the Metropolitan Cathedral, palaces, museums and listen the stories, anecdotes and traditions told by your private guide.

Enter into one of the most funny enclosures of the city: the Arena Mexico. Jumps, pirouettes and stunts on the ring, also called by Mexicans as “El Pancracio”. We’ll witness an excellent show: the Lucha Libre. Outgoing wrestlers with their outfits, including masks and hairs, they will fight two of three rounds without time limit. You’ll have fun looking this show, and of course, you can scream and support your favorite wrestler. Do not miss the best wrestling fight in the world, that is a tradition and Mexican sport.

In every moment, our certified guide will explain you the place histories, the curious details, the development and the importance of the visited sites.


The unit price decreases according to the size of the group.

Departure Time

1:00 p.m. Tuesday / 2:00 p.m. Friday / 11:00 a.m. Sunday

  • Pick up and drop off in hotel.
  • Visit to the Angel of Independence.
  • Visit to the Fine Arts Palace.
  • Entrance to the observatory of Latin American Tower.
  • A walk through Madero Street.
  • Visit to San Francisco temple, front of Tiles House, Manuel Tolsá square, ecuestrian statue of Charles IV and front of the Ancient Iturbide Palace.
  • Visit to the temple of San Felipe Neri La Profesa.
  • Visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City.
  • Visit the Diego Rivera murals in Mexico’s National Palace.
  • Entrance to Arena Mexico (Lucha Libre).
  • Buffet inside Arena Mexico.
  • Driver.
  • Private guide.
  • Private transportation.
  • Bottled water and snacks inside transportation.
  • Souvenir.
  • Face mask and sanitizing gel.
No Included
  • Tips.
  • Entrance to any kind of show or exhibition in the Fine Arts Castle.
  • Entrances to special visits at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City.
  • Video and photography permits in museums, archaeological sites and attractions.
  • Drinks in restaurant.

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arab, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Additional information
  • It is essential to present ID to the guide before starting the tour.
  • Tennis or comfortable shoes recommended.
  • Warm clothes recommended. The tour ends late in the night.
  • Professional cameras are prohibited in Lucha Libre. They will be kept in a security box in the entrance.
  • You may have the physical condition to walk up to 180 minutes (with breaks).
  • Spanish and English explanations don’t have an extra cost.
  • We don’t do surprise stops in any store to force you to buy handicrafts.
  • We strictly respect the itinerary.
  • We don’t sell you anything aboard or in the tour.
  • Confirmation will be received by email at the time of booking.
  • Infants under 2 years of age are free of charge, but must travel in the arms or on the legs of their parents. (please inform us in the notes).
  • Babies (over two years old) and young children must have their own seats.
  • A infant car seat available per tour, (please request it).
  • The unit price decreases according to the size of the group.

(TE23) Historic Center and Lucha Libre


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Independence Angel

Our tour starts visiting the most important icon of Mexico City: the Independence Angel. Located in the famed Paseo de la Reforma avenue, this monument is dedicated to liberty and Mexican heroes. You can listen from our guide the history and meaning of the sculptures and the most famous column of the city.

Fine Arts Palace

This is the artistic symbol of the nation, the first art museum in Mexico and the biggest cultural place of the country. Architecturally is inspired in art noveau, but it has art deco elements that invoke the love for Mexico through esthetic elements. Inside there are works of Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco.

Latin American Tower Observatory

We’ll have at our feet the best view of the historic center of Mexico City. From the Latin American Tower we can see the four cardinal points looking at the horizon where this city ends.

Madero Street and Zocalo Square

We’ll walk through the most famous streets of the historic center, where we’ll appreciate an infinity of colonial buildings with exquisite architecture from XVI to XIX centuries, such as the temple of San Felipe Neri or the Iturbide Palace.

Later, we’ll walk until the main point of the historic center, popularly known as Zocalo, also named as Constitution Square, one of the biggest in the world.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Located at the side of the Zocalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the biggest in Latin America, is the main religious center from viceroyalty, because its great dimensions and architectural value.

This cathedral was constructed with the stones, that once formed part of the Major Temple of Tenochtitlan and the temple of Huitzilopochtli. Inside there are inspired baroque, herrerian, gothic, neoclassic and renaissance styles. Also, we can appreciate the sacristy, the two monumental organs and many more artistic treasures.

Murals of Diego Rivera in National Palace

We’ll visit the National Palace, a place that was the residency of Moctezuma emperor and was replaced by a new edification, ordered by Hernan Cortes. This building was, during several centuries, residency and government center of the viceroys of the New Spain, and nowadays is the headquarter of Federal Mexican Government.

We’ll appreciate a mural of 276 square meters, divided in three areas, was painted during 22 years by the famous muralist Diego Rivera. In this monumental work are addressed themes from the history of prehispanic Mexico, the arrive of Spanish, the Tenochtitlan conquest, the two world syncretism, evangelization, independence, the war versus the United States and France and the Mexican Revolution.

A must place for your sight, but requires the voice of a guide.

Arena Mexico

Afterwards, we’ll move to the Arena Mexico, the enclosure where the Lucha Libre is presented. This is an important sport in Mexican history. It’s really funny: each side has its supporters and you can scream at the wrestlers from your seat, it’s a matter of practice and trust. It’s classic to scream “I’m booored!” (estoy aburrido) when the fight is too slow, or “he’s starving!” (se muere de hambre) when a wrestler is too thin, or the classic onomatopoeia “uh, uh, uh!”, like a gorilla.

You’ll see jumps, pirouettes and stunts on the ring, also called by Mexicans as “El Pancracio”. Ah! and you’ll learn the rules and history of this sport, in addition to know a wide variety of outgoing characters that fight on the ring using mixed techniques of Greco-Roman fight, judo and other martial arts.

When the show ends, we’ll take you back your hotel.


Freedom Arena Mexico

A restaurant situated in the internal balcony of Arena Mexico, the emblematic wrestling place in Mexico City. From there you can see everything what is happening on the ring and can eat all urban snacks that you want. Enjoy the panoramic view, an excellent diner, and especially, come to scream and have fun with the best wrestlers of the world.

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