When we talk about travel, it’s very common to care about flights, hotels, attractions or places to visit, even if your camera is working well, but when we care about listening the stories of the places we visit?

To travel is to amplify your vision and enjoy new worlds. A visit must contribute with more than facts and general data that we can obtain in internet or books. You must taste the flavors, walk through new places, see the details and listen the stories, anecdotes or even ask, untiringly, about the themes you are interested.

However, if you book a traditional tour with a guide in a bus, probably you’ll miss a lot and can’t increase your cultural acquis. Also probably, you’ll be one of the 30 different nationalities tourists that want to know more and have the attention’s guide.

That’s why, here we show you a brief list of why private tours are best:

1.- Do not assume your friends or local relatives know more than a tourist guide.

2.- A private tours company manage and streamline you trip and time.

Usually in traditional tours, they go to take you to a meeting point or you arrive by your own, while you miss valuable time to visit your destiny if you are confused trying to find the meeting point.

In some traditional tours, they could take you to “know” some handicrafts store, where you will be hounded by sellers. In contrast, in a private tour we’ll pick you up and take you to your hotel, we evade tourist traps, we explain you, we give you free time and never give you a wake of frustrations and dissatisfactions.

3.- In a private tour with a driver, we care in giving you more than facts.

You can talk with the private guide while driving in a freeway, because the guide will attend you while the driver is at the vehicle. Also, the guide has no pressure to earn a comission for taking you to certain stores. He will be more worried to show you important places, tell stories, anecdotes and legends.

4.- In a private tour you can ask whatever you want.

That’s why you have a certified guide, who’ll answer always, in your language, “when that happened?, why happened? or what makes this place so special?” These are questions that, without any doubt, a certified tour guide will answer you.

5.- In a private tour you can obtain much more information than the touristic one.

In most cases, visitors are in a different ambient thant their normality –language and culture– and it’s possible they want a trustworthy answer to simple questions: “How can I go to a place in public transportation?, how can I take the subway?, where can I eat some kind of food?, where can I buy clothes? or where can I find a dentist or a doctor?”

6.- Private tours give you comfort, bottled water and even snacks.

While the big difference is the personal attention and lesser told stories, is to highlight that comfort, space and air conditioning in vehicle also count and the detail of bottled water and snacks always help, because sometimes the time of meals is not what we are used to due to the jetlag.

7.- In all inclusive private tours you don’t worry about anything, you only have to enjoy the trip, listen the stories and see.

For example: Imagine you are on your own or acquire a tour with no meals and travel with your family and children. It could be that a great tour turns into a nightmare just to find an appropriate restaurant.

An all inclusive private tour resolves you the restaurant, because you choose it with anticipation, even the tickets for attractions, and if had doubts, all can be solved previously to your trip from your country of origin.

And a super extra: a private guide is also a personal photographer that will make his impossible the take perfect angle that you wish, but please, do not make him step in the border of a precipice.

8.- Finally, and in favor of the traditional bus tours: some of them are very cheap, but unfortunately there is no point of comparison regarding price and quality of private tours.

Remeber the main reason of your travel is to have a memorable experience. You don’t deserve to suffer a dissapointment for the hight expectations of a traditional tour.

Ahhh, and very important, btuvi gives you the best of private tours in where you can choose your restaurant among the better ones, and in this way, you’ll never forget your visit to Mexican lands.

Good tour and good travel.

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