Our private tour in Mexico City started when they brought us to the Basilica of Guadalupe. In words of Tony, our tourist guide, this is the most important Catholic temple in Latin America. Here, every December 12th, millions of pilgrims come from all places in America to thank the Tepeyac virgin for the received favors. From a wide variety of places in Mexico, a lot of people walk with Guadalupe Virgin banners until come to the Basilica.

A tradition is to sing to the virgin “Las Mañanitas” (“Las Mañanitas” is a Mexican traditional song used to say ‘happy birthday’). According to the history, the Guadalupe Virgin appeared 4 times to the indian Juan Diego in the Tepeyac hill and asked him to build a temple, message that Juan Diego communicated to the bishop Juan de Zumarraga, but him, incredulous, told Juan Diego that he needed some kind of proof. That is how, tells the story, because an order of the Guadalupe Virgin, that Juan Diego brought some flowers from the Tepeyac hill wrapped in his clothes to the Zumarraga bishop. When Juan Diego arrived with the bishop and showed the flowers, in his clothes were discovered a big image of the Guadalupe Virgin, a brunette virgin.

Very much people, even foreigners, attribute great miracles to the Guadalupe Virgin. The Guadalupe Virgin appearance “official” is December 12th, 1531, that’s why every December 12th her birthday is celebrated. Tony, our tour guide is very catholic, he told us very moved, that every time pope John Paul II came to Mexico, he saluted saying “Mexico, always faithful”.

After ending our visit to Guadalupe Basilica, we took our private transportation and went until Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan is magic. I already wanted to know it. They told me that the bad part of going to Teotihuacan was the transportation with other 30 persons and a tourist guide traying to explain you all. When the guide go foward, if you kept watching something, maybe you loose what he sayed.

Fortunately we contracted a private tour, just for us four! The guide was just for us, answering in detail each question, he explained us all abouth the Teotihuacan Pyramids. This place is inside the Mexico State, 45 minutos ago from Mexico City. They say that every foreign visitor to Mexico City, must come to Teotihuacan to know the great history of Mexico and fill up with cosmic energy. A lot of people climb to the top of Sun Pyramid, rise their arms and feel the cosmic energy. Maybe you don’t know, but I have to say it, the gothic rock Sweden group Therion, has a song called ‘Quetzalcoatl’, inspired by its visit to Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan is an archeological zone, a timeless city, is like been caught in place full of cosmic energy. Its main points are the Sun and Moon Pyramids. The origin of Teotihuacan is not very clear. It’s a culture that has not contact with the Spanish conquerors, because they arrived to America, the pyramids zone has already been abandoned.

In addition to the pyramids, the archeological zone of Teotihuacan has its main avenue, known as Deads Avenue. I have to say, that be just here, in Deads Avenue, eclipse your reason. Why? Because of the front vision you have of the Moon Pyramid. It’s enigmatic! Looks like a mysterious valley

Sun Pyramid is 63 meters high and is constantly compared with Egipt Pyramids. But the great difference is that Teotihuacan Pyramids can be climbed and the Egyptian ones are totally smooth.

Obviously, we can’t leave off Teotihuacan without know about the plummed snake. As they explained to us, the plummed snake was a deity venerated by the Teotihuacans and is represented in the Quetzalcoatl temple. However, the cult of the plummed snake it’s no exclusive of this people, also Olmecs, Mixtecs and Mayas venerated it.

I have heard a lot of Mexican gastronomy, considered one of world’s most importants’. They told me that Mexicans put chili in everything. We went to a restaurant close to the archeological zone of Teotihuacan, I think its called ‘El Gran Teocalli’. It’s a buffet. There you are received by a couple of Prehispanic dancers. To eat thera are typical dishes as pozole (a soup made of guajillo chili, with a special kind of corn, lettuce and radishes), chilaquiles (tortilla chips covered with green chili sauce), potatos with sausage, horchata water, pambazos… it’s difficult to remember everything. What is true is that foreigns respect Mexican food. We always ask first: “It is spicy?”

I want to see you again Mexico.

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